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Begining the Process



Hello Everyone, My name is Molly and I have just began the Dan's Acne Regimine Treatment.

I have suffered with acne every since i was 13 and the only thing that has ever made it better was birth control which made me moody and irritable so i had to stop taking it.

I have all sorts of acne mainly irritating white heads and a couple big bumps. My face is NEVER clear! I always have acne of some sort and scars.

I started the regimine on the night of the 15 so I've only used the treatment four times. So far my skin has stayed about the same and there has been little to no irritation. Right now my face feels a little like i've been scratching it but it's more uncomfortable than painful. I might have used to much BP though.

Well I don't know if anyone will read this but i like to read about others experience so i know what to expect so i thought i would write this so others could read it! I will try to update it twice weekly.



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