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day 3



started CACKutane a few days ago to cure my dreaded CACKne lol. anyways im 20 years old and have had mild cystic acne since i was in highschool. it wasnt that bad in school, i was very social and had a few gf's all the way through. you could say i was a chameleon(i hung out with everyone) the jocks,preps,punks, and skaters. i drank and smoked chron every weekend and enjoyed myself even having mild acne. now that im a few years out of school my acne has been persistant and annoying enough to get on this stuff. (and i have health insurance through my new awesome job). i love everything about my life (lifting, drums, dirtbike, video games, friends ext.) EXCEPT, now my acne has worsened a little and i have developed the anti-social stray from everything cause of it, also i have lost my confidence when it comes to beautiful women. (i see alot on here :rolleyes:.

im hoping that the initial break out isnt that bad im on 60mg of claravis a day, and looking forward to next spring when my cutting phase of lifting is done, acne will be done, and my 21st birthday! woot to that and happiness.

will be posting pics soon of my before :( looking forward to meeting some new faces


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