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I feel like crap.



I have not been feeling well lately. I have been feeling super crappy. I am not focusing well at work and it seems as I am forgetting things. I have to pay attention to every single detail at work and even though I try my best to do everything well, I am missing certain things. Some co-worker asked me if I could see well with my glasses.....these glasses are like a couple of months old, of course I do. I read someplace that Acutanne reduce the eyesight of some people. I doubt it has affected my eyesight, I see well, but I feel it has made me feel mentally tired.

I had also felt moody and annoyed.

I am still getting hemorrhages inside my nose.

This week was my 24th birthday and I did not felt like telling anyone. I am in a new job so nobody has a clue. I tough it was better that way because I did not felt in the mood to be the center of attention. I just had a mellow b-day at home with my family.

My face has been improving a lot. Next week I will go to the dermatologist to get my glycolic acid/blue light treatment. My left face still needs to clear more, but it looooooks so much better.

Lets see how it goes.


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