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Day 78



Hey, long time no post.

Still getting pimples, have 1 cyst right now in my cheek and a small but noticable red one on my forehead. Face is covered with red marks and maybe actual pit marks? I can't tell. I've never had scarring before. I'm hoping it's not what I think it is and it will go away after I go off the medication. I'm really worried about scarring. I want to stop breaking out, I want to stop feeling ugly, I'm going to start my 4th month soon, come on!!!! I'm scared it wont work, or if it does, it's all going to come right back after I get off it. I don't want to just be someone who always has bad skin. I don't want to accept that. I'm also feeling fat lately, been thinking about trying Jenny Craig or something, but I think that's pretty expensive. Any ideas?

I got drunk the other weekend. I haven't drank at all while on this thing, and I've been on 80 mg for about a month now. Hope my blood test next week will be ok and one night of drinking wont matter. It better be ok because it's my birthday in about 2 weeks and I plan on getting trashed.

Well, that's about it, just working all the time and feeling hideous. That's me.


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It can take up to 4-5 months to stop breaking out. dont stress. everyones different. You gotta stay positive and focused, because one day you'll look back and realise its nothing but a bad memory to you. something you did for yourself and go through it.As for 'feeling fat lately' i think thats more your mind tricking you. but if you really wanted to improve overall fitness.. cut down on high carb foods such has pastas, breads, rice etc. especially fast foods. and stick to more nutritional foods like fruits, veg, lean meats, fish etc. And gym it or go for a run a couple of times a week. Not too much exercise while on tane though! .. dont wanna overstress your body.Hang in there =D

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