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day 125 on DKR



skin same as yesterday and improving. (touch wood)

i hope it continues to do so i really do, coz i think i deserve this much atleast!

my gf called it of the last min! anyhow my skin was feeling and looking good i didnt let it get to me. obv it may not have been her fault i understand that but still uno cnt help that as i havnt seen her for a week or 2.

anyhow i didnt let anything get to me today, and i took my car out :rolleyes: i felt like id achieved something. if you know what i mean? also my skin atm looks kind of glowy.

but im still scared im going to break out as ive just reovered and still am from previous breakout. still using 2 pumps of bp though and im going to carry on using that though when i start uni ill probs be using less in morning as for it not to clump up but im deffo going to use 2 full pumps at night.

might start adding aha into my regimen again soon.

skin was flakey though lots of olay moisturiser and dans helped. thank god for that

other than that im quiet happy


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