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Day 3, mid day :)



Well hello there. :rolleyes: lol, it's day 3 on the regimen. i just got back from school, and i wanna say a few things about it. it's AMAZING. in 3 days, i haven't gotten any new pimples!!! i popped like 3 on day 2 and usually this would mean that the next day i'd have about 5. but i didn't have any! i guess the BP kills the germs immediately, so they can produce more pimples (: yay. and just overall my facer is CLEARER. <3 cannot wait till i'm in week 3 and 4. :( post any questions on here. (oh and thanks to the cleanser and moisturizer that i'm using, my brown and red marks have decreased...about 30% ! )

I'll start using half a finger (about) in 09/25/10, week 3. then full finger BP on 10/10/10 (:


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