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almost didnt make it....



So last time I wrote about how frustrated I was with the doctors office not registering me at Ipledge therefore postponing my start date for a whole 30 days! I finally got back into the Doctors office and when I told my actual doctor what happened, we will just have to say he was less than happy with his staff and apologized profusely. I was over the frustration and anger at that point as it was a new day and it was the day I was getting my script and would actually be able to fill it! The start of a new day and a new life!

The doc wrote my script I went straight to the lab to get the bloodwork after leaving his office because i had already been fasting in preparation for the appointment. At the lab, the technicion advised the results would be in on thursday. Well I figured my doctors office would call when I coudl fill the script. I was wrong, evidently after the results come in to the doctor they input them in the computer and then after the patient answers the questions, they can go get the script filled. I didnt realize this until monday night and my script would have been no good if I didnt pick it up before tuesday. Luckily I was able to correct my mistake before it was too late and another month was lost.

I would like to break down the steps for those that might have questions on how it works:

1. discuss if accutane is right for you with your doctor. If it is, sign Ipledge form and take prego test. decide on 2 forms of BC that you will use throughout the whole accutane cyle. start taking or using BC that day. ( you have to be on it for 30 days before starting accutane)

2. You should receive a piece of mail from the Ipledge program when your doctor has registered you. If you do not receive this within a week after your doctor appt, call them! You have to be registered by your doctor and it has to be valid for 30 days prior to you starting the regiment.

3. go back to the doctor in 30 days, he will give you the script for your first 30 days of accutane. When you get the script you cannot go immediately to the pharmacy. The doctor will also give you a blood work sheet. Fast and then get the bloodwork asap.

4. The results will take 2-3 day to get to the doctor. The doctor inputs the reults in the Ipledge system and then you have to answer your monthly questions before getting the script filled. You have to have your script picked up within 7 days of the appt, so get this stuff done quickly and stay on top of your doc office to make sure they dont mess up the process.

5. Pick up your script, read all of the medical printouts they give you and start accutane!


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