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Week 2 Day 6 - Meh..



I tried the Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser on Friday night. I was surprised that the cleanser felt so greasy, but left no residue on my face and my skin felt clean after I rinsed the cleanser off. Then the Benzac, then the Cetaphil moisturiser. FANTASTIC! I was really pleased with it, for the first time in nearly 2 weeks my face felt soft and moist, not dry and like a mask that would crack if I smiled.

Yesterday morning I had to rush out of the house, Did the regimen, did a full pump of the Cetaphil moisturiser, smoothed it on, and then thought SH*T, I've got far too much on. My face felt slimy and looked shiny in the mirror, but I didn't have time to do anything about it, so left it. Then later that morning ducked home for 5 minutes. I was heading out to the school fete (fair) so needed sunscreen. I put my usual one on my arms and neck, but didn't want to put it on my face and ruin my improving complexion, so I just put my Neutrogena moisturiser over the top of what I already had on my face, as it is SPF15. ***MISTAKE*** my face stung all afternoon, and my face was beet red later that day so I thought I'd been badly burnt on my face.

Then had to dash to the hairdressers for the afternoon, with my slimy, shiny and now glowing red face. It felt really uncomfortable and I was imagining terrible consequences. When I got home 4 hours later I washed my face with cleanser and just left it at that for the night.

So...this morning when I got up and looked in the mirror to see what disastrous actions had taken place after the sunburn and too much moisturiser....YAY! Nothing extra, no breakouts, no redness even :( So then I started to admire my slowly clearing skin, thanked my lucky stars, and swore never to do those stupid things again.

Status of my skin: One new absolutely minute whitehead in the crease of my nose. Red zit that was threatening to come up on my chin is still thinking about whether to appear or not. It's not sore, only a tiny bit red and a tiny bit raised. I'll dab extra BP on it tonight after my regimen and try to keep it at bay. No other active acne. I've noticed when washing my face I can't feel any blocked pores or blackheads along my jawline. I used to sit and absentmindedly pick out heaps of little worms (sorry for the gross-out) from my jawline, but I honestly don't know where they've gone :rolleyes:

I ?think? my skin tone is evening out. I can now see patches of skin on my cheeks that don't have any pimples or scars, and love it! I hope it lasts. Maybe that means that my scars and red marks are also fading a bit, but it's hard to be objective when I see them every day.

Thanks Pearls for the vaseline lip balm suggestion. I thought it would cause breakouts so googled it and read some threads in the forum, and it seems that it is non-comedogenic. Can't believe I spent so much on such a little chapstick when I have a few tubs of Vaseline in the house. Duh!!

Off topic: I have a caramel Dusk Melt in my oil burner at the moment as I type this, and the house smells gorgeous, like warm biscuits (cookies). Y U M


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You're welcome!I just started using Cetaphil too (this morning actually) and it felt really weird. I didn't feel clean but my skin was so soft and did not dry out... hmm.

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Hey Pearls,Are you going to keep using the Cetaphil? Even if your face doesn't feel clean, I'm sure it is. I have total faith in Dan's recommendation :)I think it's just so different from usual cleansers, so rich and creamy, that us oil-o-phobes freak out a bit when we feel it. I bought a 500ml bottle (17 oz) so I'm going to keep using it unless (a) my acne gets worse, or (b) it starts to feel slimy or oily on my skin as the weather gets warmer. We are approaching a hot sticky tropical summer and I don't know how I will feel about this cleanser when I am coming home hot and sweaty each day.Let me know how you go, and we'll compare notes ;)Polypep

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