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Second week on isotretinoin 20mg



Hey there again!

So today is my second week on isotretinoin...and yeah! I've taken 6 pills so far...

I havent had any dramatic changes on my skin, Ive had some breakouts, nothing serious, so it's hard to tell if it's due to the drug...some pimples around my face, my forehead has cleared up a bit, which is good and my skin is still a bit oily (not the usual oily though)...

Side effects?...actually nothing out of the ordinary...however Ive noticed my lips have started to look a bit drier than normal so ive used some moisturize on them (they dont feel dry though)...

Im almost done with the cortisone pills. Ive been taking half a pill a day for the last 2 days and ill stop on the fifth day, I cant take them again after that because side effects are pretty bad too according to my dermatologist...

maybe the cortisone has prevented my skin from breaking out exaggeratedly so I dont know what to expect after I stop using it...

oh yeah! for the first time after three months I have actually stopped thinking about my acne when talking to people!!, I hated it when people stopped looking at me to stare at my pimples and pretend I didnt notice agghh!!! I guess I just dont pay attention to that anymore as I know Im doing something about it , so yeah...my acne has gone into the background for now.

We'll see how everything goes in the 3rd week

I'll try to post some pics to keep a record on my journal :rolleyes:

Regards from Colombia!


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