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alright so i went to the doc yesterday for my first accutane checkup. she said my cholesterol was still good, raised a little but still fine. then she asked me about my side effects, then asked how much better i thought my skin was doing. Id say about 50% better, not including my cysts. so then i asked her about my cysts, and she said she could do an injection, but i askd her about getting them drained, and she said she would have to refer me to a dermatologist for that. im so glad im going to be seen by an actual skin doctor finally. anyways so i cant wait for that, and to get rid of my cyst once and for all!

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im suprised you hadnt been reffered ages ago. Are you from Australia? here all i had to do was ask my doctor if i could see one and she wrote me a refferal.Now im on accutane, seeing him every month, and its costing me $100 each time lol .. oh well atleast i know it wont be for much longer.

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