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Ok ok so i have a long story to tell you guys. So ive been visiting this site for a while now and i finally decided to make an account. i used to check this site to read some other peoples stories and get info from this site. great page btw. ok so ive had acne for a year now, i remember perfectly that it started on the second wwek of my junior year at high school when i was almost 16. At that time I went on a trip for three days and im sure i packed my facial clenser but when we arrived at our destination my cleanser wasnt nowhere to be found D:. So i was sad but i thought "whats the worst that can happen?" Anyway on that trip i got sunburnt quite badly on the face. Arriving back home i noticed the first signs of acne on my cheeks and some on my forehead. Ant i was really confused because prior to that trip i had just recently looked in my face and was amazed at how clear it was then. Anyway so this acne hit me pretty hard and without warning. I immediatly bought a facial soap and hoped for the best. Also on that lil vacation we went on we were moving houses so i guess it was a pretty hard week.

Anyway so i got to school and it was just this new reality going to the bathroom and seeing my face with acne (im a guy btw). Al i could do is hpoe for the best.

My aunt bought me this 3 step product one day because i told her about my problems. That was like 2 weeks prior to my birthday and on the bottle it said that like 80% or so got better results in 2 weeks. Anyway on my bday party i had some clear skin(a few red spots but w/e) and my face looked red or irritated for some reason. anyway w/e it wasnt too bad. Also i started getting bacne on that time. nothing too bad just a little on each of my shoulders. On the next few months my acne left but as old spots faded, new ones replaced them. The one thing i knew i couldnt do was get stressed about my acne and let it get a hold of me. I tried to be as normal as possible but i wasnt the same outgoing guy i was back then. At parties i was too shy to hit on any girls because of my acne. I never had anything bad like cyst or that but my whiteheads were more than enought to get me somewhat down. Also im catholic and ive started praying to god and im glad to say that he listens and youre never truly alone since he lives inside us. ok but now which is one year later my skin is almost really clear! i feel really good about it and like looking in the mirrors now. And probably the BIGGEST CHANGE was my diet. Tommorow will be a month since i became vegetarian and this has changed me drastically. i eat at least one fruit daliy and of course no meat. So yeah lets hope that next month ill be COMPLETELY CLEAR. one can only hope for the best and know that god listens when you need him. ok so fellow acne.org people thanks for reading and please post your comments on my status. i wish you all the best!


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