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Week 4. Day 33.



Day 33.

40mg Accutane. (morning) Clindamycin [oral] (evening)

BLACKHEADS on nose are 95% gone. (: i haven't had a blackhead free nose since like .. 7th grade?! The two cysts never went down with the inflamattin shot in my hip. So on my regular monthly visit i got a cortisone shot in the two cysts plus another two active pimples. Didn't hurt that much surprisingly and 4 days later they are FLAT. these things were Mountains now just some pigmentation and kind of like bruising type look where they were. but.. i'd take that over mountains.

Not that many actives right now a few but. i have alot of pigmentation from the old acne. but.. rather that than bumps. my skin is DRY DRY DRY especially around blemishes. everyday i have to put lotion on my arms in the morning or i look scaly. and the lips! ... i swear every 20 min... reapply. the burts bees was doing it's job until today.. i went and bought some aquaphor lets see how that does.

I'm still taking 40mg. He was gonna bump me up to 2 pills a day but.. he decided to keep me on clindamycin as well. but instead of rotating days.. i take accutane in the morning and clindamycin at night. They said that will help with the breakouts i just hope it doesn't cause damage! :( Hair is not as oily i can go 2 days without washing it.. but i prefer to wash everyday it just feels gross. Back pain still continuing, thirsty and i can't concentrate in Math like at all... i hope that doesn't get worse. bcuz even when ppl are talking to me i seem to get really side tracked..

But other than that my skin is better than the last update and dryness has def kicked in more.

Thanks for reading and for all those other accutane users or people with acne we're gonna get better! :rolleyes:


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