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Week 17, Day 7



Well, it's been pretty much 17 full weeks on the Regimen.

Status: I have... at least one active pimple, and at least 5 dying pimples. This breakout was literally the biggest I've had since starting the Regimen, and it's been a real downer. Once this breakout goes away for good I'll start feeling really good about the way my skin looks.

I still have my red marks, but they're fading away. My chin actually looks pretty good these days, which is so bizzare because it was the very definition of RAVAGED for a long time. By "pretty good", I mean that my actual chin (and the right side of the chin/mouth area) haven't had any pimples since mid June. That's fucking awesome. The red marks are there but hardly noticable. My jawlines are also 95% clear of red marks; I can't even really see them at all aynmore, to be honest. My forehead ones are still there, just really faint. They are hardly noticeable. The ones I had from a freak breakout on my cheek area near my nose are pretty much gone, too (one pimple that turned GREEN back in June left a red mark that I can no longer see! That was only 3 months ago!).

I don't think this breakout is going to leave devastating red marks like before; the breakout I had back in February was so red and inflamed that it's only a small wonder the marks from it are still here, especially since the zits themselves didn't really go away until March (so really, that makes 6 full months-ish with them, which is pretty standard). I suspect that in 2 months my face will be totally clear even of these current zits and red marks. 2 months, as I've learned, is practically nothing.

I also am realizing that my skin now is actually slightly better than when I got back from China 3 years ago; it had zero effect at all on how people perceived me and that fall my best friend fell in love with me and lots of guys (and girls) were starting to comment on how pretty they thought I was. Gotta keep that in mind; NO ONE notices our faces as much as we do.

My chest still has no bumps and is looking really healthy. The red marks are still there, if faint, but those will go away in a few more months. I suspect they'll be all gone by Christmas, which I don't really care about; again, if anyone were to see my chest before then (ha... ha... fat chance) they wouldn't care. I don't think it even looks that ugly anymore.

Unfortunately, whether it's been because I've finally upped my BP amount to 2 pumps or because I don't use AHA nightly anymore, my face has gotten a little flakey again, especially around the chin/mouth area. Ugh. It's just the worse because you become totally helpless; there is NOTHING you can do about it and you can't put make-up on it; you just have to wait it out until your skin gets re-adjusted to the BP. Whatever, I'd rather have clear skin...

That said, this breakout DOES suck. I still don't know quite what happened, but I do think it had to have been because of the intense irritation and dry skin I got from AHA. Which makes me nervous, because I have dry and irritated skin NOW, just not as bad (at least it's flaking; before it was too dry to even do that). Either way, it seems to be clearing up and coming to the surface, so whatever. Maybe I'll go to the hot springs tonight, it's been almost a month!

Alright, that seems to be long enough for today. Breakout, please just go away, don't leave any marks, I've been good, really, I don't deserve this!


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