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Day 41



Day 41.. wow.. time is flying. not that complaining lol

Few more breakouts unfortunately, been on 40mg for 1 week now, could have something to do with it.. stronger dosage = medication working harder to unclog pores/bring up imperfections. probably whats happening.

As far as side effects go i havent noticed too much change other than dryer lips.. really becomming chapped.

So as usual, hoping it passes and heals quickly so i can muster up the confidence to see this girl ive just started seeing. sad thing is i wont see her unless my skin is decent. stupid hey! but, thats the mental and emotional drawbacks of acne i guess.

Time will tell =) .. 3 weeks til i see my derm again.. maybe an upped dose again? who knows..

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i live in canada, and ya ive been trying to get her to send me to a derm for a long time but she just told me they wont be any more help than she is, lol.. glad 40mg is going well for you. and good luck with the girl, i know how it feels not wanting to see someone when you dont look your best. hang in there!

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