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Day 10



So after my doctor visit its been concluded that my body is just reacting to a lot of change. I changed my BC and also added Spiro. I did finally start my period and I guess the body does take some time to react because Yaz has a different cycle than my last pill. My doc didnt like the frequent urination thing so she put me on an antibiotic just in case I was developing a UTI.

I still feel pretty groggy in the morning. Im taking my spiro at lunch so maybe Ill try to take it in the morning or the evening and see if that helps.

I did get a cyst pimple on my cheek a few days ago and then started feeling two bumps on my chin as well. GRRRR.. Then my period started, and that made sense. But in comparison to what usually happens to my face before I start my period... this is cake. The cyst on my cheek came to a head and flattened almost the same day. crazy. Only one bump still on my chin but only one. Other than that. Skin is great! Skin on my jawline is usually a hot mess. Not one pimple there.

All in all. Pretty happy. :rolleyes:


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