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Boy & Girl



hey guys !

This is a thought that has been on my mind for the longest of time.

" Is it better to be a guy or a girl with acne? "

This may be a weird question, but that has been something that i have tried to find a answer to.

In my thoughts it is better to be a guy and have acne, then to be a girl and have acne.

I almost see it as normal for a guy to have acne, while for the girls it's "unormal" to not have perfect skin.

It may just be me, but . . . well, i don't really know.

Ofcourse, it's more on the person we are talking about.

I don't mean that it's easy for a guy to have acne, then for a girl. not at all.

It's hard for everyone that suffer from this skin disease.

But well well, i kind of feel better about my skin after seeing more girls suffering with acne in my new school . .

BTW: go and visit my blog [ www.theunknownsdiary.blogspot.com ] , to later find a picture of me and my acne. . .




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