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Hello 3rd week of birth control, you are my friend :mad: But really, I'm really excited to be on my third week because my doctor said it would take 1-2 months to start working, and 3 weeks is VERY close to 1 month :( Grr I had another little breakout on my chin.. seriously I don't know what it is, but my chin hasn't been fully clear in probably at least a year, there's ALWAYS a pimple there, and it's getting annoying. Especially all the scarring, whenever I'm clear one day, those scars better go away! :rolleyes:

In a different little topic, I recently joined my schools Ultimate Frisbee team.. yeah I know, odd. Anyways, I love having the workout but my face gets SOOOOOO red it's really embarrassing. People have seriously asked what happened to me.. So that sucks, but I have a game on Thursday so it'd be nice to have clearer skin by then in case my cover up wears off, which it will, because I'll be dumping water on my face. :mad: Also, I'm doing this little 'trampoline' diet thing where you jump on a trampoline everyday for 30 minutes. Sounds more entertaining then other workouts, so I'm going to give it a try and see how well all that works :(

Until next time.


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