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Day 12 accutane journey



Heya all another day and another 40mg! well its the 12th day on accutane! I still cannot believe im finially on this after multiple of times crying to doctors and the derms! So far so good! I still havent has any breakouts! I dont know when i'll be getting them or IF! I would much rather it to be an IF!. So around day 8 my lips were starting to dry which is the most common side effect as all you acctuane users know! So from the 8th until now day 12 I've tried various brands such as chapstick=sucks, Blistex=Rubbish, Vasiline=Kill me know, and discovered nivea worked the best. My lips are still drying constantly but i dont have to use nivea every second. Its actually quite embarressing especially on weekeneds when i work on the tills! Speaking to customers with flaky dry lips is not a good look!. My face has been clearer but also oily at times. The red marks and little bumps on my chin are dissapearing. My pored even look smaller which is a bonus. I was also on tom (time of the month) and this is when my skin becomes really bad but it has not erupt at all! which i'm very pleased about. I went to a club last night, and its the first time in about 2 years where my skin is smooth even after hours of dancing. But unfortunatly i have two little cyst on my left cheek and one on the right which may be the lack of sleep i have had and coming home at 7am! This is weird as when i remove my makeup the little cysts are less visable. So all round my journey through accutane is working so well! and the only side effects are dry lips. Good luck peeps with YOUR accutane journey!

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