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DAY 4 & 5



DAY 4 & 5

Sorry I wasn't able to check in yesterday, my internet wasn't working and I was just way too tired to even attempt to fix it. My boss has me working so much before school starts, I wish he would lay off alittle. Anyway, my new symptoms are my face is soo itchy! I'm still super oily but under my nose was soo icky and random places would get a random painful itch. Also, my scalp gets random itchies too. Like really bad itches. Not common for me at all. I have a huge and very painful pimple on the inside of my left nostril. Boy does this sucker hurt! My face is so sore to the touch. I have to be soo gentle when I wash my face because of how sore it is everywhere I really hurts. :rolleyes: Whatever, hopefully the end result will make up for all this. My left ear was also dry, that's abit random? :( That's about it though. I can't sleep very well at night, I don't know if that's Accutane or lack of ability to turn my mind off. Does anyone know if it's okay to eat just a granola bar with Accutane? I'm tired of eating when I take the medicine and having to force myself to eat because I'm not hungry. Pain in the booty. :mad: That is about all for now, I will check in tomorrow hopefully! Goodnight :(


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