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day 117 on DKR



this morning my skin was ok.

about miday i started geting breakout on right cheek.where i havnt broken out in months. bottom of cheek by mouth. anyways i put aha on it and i think it kind of aggravated the nasty spots because they went inflamed and really red. im going out in 5 days and i really want these gone!!!

anyways tonight ive put extra bp on those 2 nasty spots and theyre not hurting as much. however any difference will be seen in morning. or whenever

left cheek is healing from previous spots. i dont think aything new is brewing so hopefully that cheek will clear up..

pleaseeee i so wanna have somewhat good skin in a few days as im going out with the gf!!!

gosh this is so frustrating. why does this have to happen when uni is nearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think ive been over exfoliating my right cheek with aha from now im going to use on it evry 3 nights


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