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Week 7 Day two



So a few things have changed in the last 3 weeks, for a bit I had really dry skin after cleansing my face with Dan's Acne.org cleanser so I switched my cleanser to another recommended cleanser which is Purpose Gentle cleansing wash, and I have seen good results and not as bad dry skin. I am still using the BP but I cut back to half a finger length because 1 whole finger length was way too much and it never absorbed. I also switch my moisturizer to Olay complete new gentle formula the original formula without the avobenzone and it has spf and I use one without spf at night, because Dan's moisturizer is way too greasy looking for me, I would have to constantly wipe off oil during the day which can be a hassle especially when Im out with people. For a bit I felt that I wasnt seeing much results but today after looking in the mirror my face is improving but not 100% clear as I do have a few red marks. I have not had a new breakout in a while and that makes me happy. Hopefully at the end of next week when I enter month 3 and after month three I can see great results which is how long it's recommended to stay on the regimen to give it a chance.


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Wow that's awesome that the regimen is working for you! Yeah, the regimen doesn't do much to heal red marks left over from acne but his AHA really works if you use it as a nighttime moisturizer every three days. Good luck!

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Thanks so much! I have seen a change most definitely, I cant remember the last time Ive gone for so long without having a new breakout almost every few days. Im up for a new tube of BP so I really want to get the AHA also and I will try it out since Ive been on the regimen for almost two months Im sure my face isnt super sensitive.

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