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Week 15



okay so let me just say that I was severly dissapointed this week when I broke out twice on my chin :( yes I know it is what all acne fighters dread... a new pimple just when you were hoping you had seen the last...

well getting off this depressing subject... once i popped them... which was as soon as I saw them... they were already healing the next day and the day after that there was only a faint red mark!!!! Besides that I am clear... except for the red marks here and there that ARE lessening in redness due to the emu oil!

At bball training last week I sorta didnt catch the ball in time and it scraped the skin off my chin... no blood thank goodness... but i had a huge red patch... and then huge flakey parts of skin where it was trying to heal. it was gross... but that has finally ended thank goodness...

my lips which are under constant scrutiny by my lip balm are finally bearable... but I now have a rash all the way up both arms.... i still havent had my period... and i notice my hair has been growing a lot faster... and my emotions are slightly unstable... i ended up crying in the shower this morning as I was shaving the hair from above my top lip :rolleyes:

but all is well that ends well... there is smile on my face now... and confidence that was not there a few weeks back :(


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