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3 Years and a Few Weeks In the Making...



I'm b-....yeah. That was so 3 weeks ago.

I'm here again, and looking even sexier than

last week. How is that possible you ask me?

It's simple! It's the Regimen! Dan Kern's

Acne.org Regimen, to be specific.

So, let me give you an idea of how my past

few weeks have been going, since I made

that first blog post. Essentially, I've been

following the regimen as strict as I possible

with a few exceptions. There have been days

where I've missed it due to laziness or other

things that oh so tend to happen in life. Not to

say I don't regret those times where I've missed

following the Regimen! Each time it happens

I always make sure to punch myself extra hard

in the gut (I do this often) to get back on track.

I don't beat myself up too hard, however. What's

done is done, right?

The first week was notably easy. I was excited to

get back on the regimen, so doing the regimen

for those first few days was more of a hobby than

a chore. A matter of fact, the first day or two of

my face stinging felt more like relief than actual

pain. You know when you've just got done with

a really good workout and are feeling sore yet good?

Yeah, it was sort of like that. Got back into the

rhythm, learned how to use the body buddy (one

of the BP applicator tools Dan offers on his store) in

a way that reached all the acne prone areas of my

back, and let the good times roll. Yeahhhh.

My second week, started off a little more

interesting. I was quite annoyed with myself

when I missed the first few days due to my

sleep schedule radically shifting. I have a

tendency to get down on myself whenever

I've had success with things in the past yet

can't get back up to that level in the future.

That came up again when I was missing the

Regimen for a few days; My thoughts were

quietly wondering at one point if I truly could

start this habit again! Remarkable, isn't it?

Anyway, no matter those thoughts, I put them

in the back of my mind and focused on taking

more action. At certain points during this week

I would be basically sleepwalking - yet I still

grit my teeth and trudged down my hall into

the bathroom to wash my face, let it dry, put

on BP and moisturize, yet again.

Third week, up until now...

Would have to be the easiest week. This week

I started upping my daily BP dose to 2/3rds of

a finger and have continued to stay at that dose.

I also fell asleep on my couch last night. I gave

myself a healthy dose of self-motivation for that,

you can bet. I wager that some folks get down

on themselves too much too soon instead of trying

to focus on action and simply putting the

medicine on. There are three things in life I'm

thankful for when I feel like crap: my dog, the

sun and acne medicine. And an education. All

three, and now since summer is over, four, I

can count on to force me out of my bed and face

the wonderful day that is calling out "Take ad-

vantage of me!".

School has been quite interesting so far. But this

is a blog about me pursuing skin-perfection. I'll

leave it at that. :(

P.S: Pictures!

My Head

Left Arm

Right Arm

My Back

P.P.S.: This new "Unicomp SpaceSaver" keyboard

I got in the mail last week is very satisfying

to use. I opted for the one without markings on the

keys. :rolleyes:


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