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feeling good!



I haven't really much to report, but here goes what I do know:

The redness that I used to have is now gone. I used to have a reddish tint to my skin that was very unbecoming but it seems to have faded. I have fading redmarks, and no active pimples! A cyst/nodule that I had came to a head, for the first time in my life, and I took pride in getting rid of it... That was a few days ago, and there is only the memory left of that. My face isn't dry, isn't oily, it's juuuusst right. I broke out on my forehead a few days ago from using a vitamin E cream, that wasn't labeled non comedogenic (duh) so I discontinued that, and have had no new nothing for about a few days now. I used to have clogged pores beside my nose and cheeks, and the big bumps along my jaw have flattened out and are fading away. My skin's texture used to be so bumpy, and it's smoothing out by the day. All in all, I think it's safe to say that I am doing something right. I'm just anxious to see what happens during my special week when my hormones are relentless. That'll be the true test.


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