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DAY 31 - WEEK 4 COMPLETE! (2 days ago)



well its been 4 weeks... time flies when your having fun..lol anyways tomorrow is 1 month! my skin is terribleeee!!!! SOOO many red patches of dryness, its the worst on the right side of my chin..its literally like blood red and peeling and scaly and gross. Its probably excema, because i had some before. anyways so my 2 cheek cysts are going down!! i never thought i'd see the day, i even emailed a plastic surgeon to ask about getting cysts removed but it looks like i might not have to, thank god!!! the left one seems to be draining ever since the first time, every night ive been peeling off the flake that covers the 'hole' that i can drain it from, and its so much smaller now, even one of my friends noticed. and the other one is just going down on its own. my usually clear forehead has like 2 dry marks. i woke up yesterday morning with 2 red spots (not pimples) on my forehead and i had no idea where they came from,then i kinda remembered that in the night i scratched my forehead really hard cuz it was itchy, so now ive got these 2 red scratch marks haha. and yesterday i wore primer and liquid foundation for the first time in a long time, which did help my skin look better, but ill stick with my mineral powder for now. I also think it made me break out, which it never has before. i got like 4 little tiny spots on my lower right cheek which are like gone already but it was weird. anways. tomorrow will be the end of one month which means only 3 more to go. im so glad i will have clear skin for the winter so i wont have to wear makeup skiing anymore!


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