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1 MONTH BABY ;) .. day 31



1 month down .. pretty good feeling when you know in the next 1-2 months you're going to clear up pretty much completely.

Still on 20mg, gets upped in 3 days to 40mg.

At the moment i have kinda 4 pimples, not big or inflamed though so im happy!

Overall, my skin has improved since starting accutane, i think ive only picked like 3 pimples in the past 2 weeks the rest ive left and they've gone away, im so happy about that! .. cos it means i wont end up with ugly red marks (or atleast as many as usual)

Side effects - dry lips, slight lower back pain - nothing bad, and dry skin - having to moisturize pretty much every night now. Never used to use it at all when my skin was oily but now its dried up its really been preventing flakey/dry skin.

My parents were trying to talk me out of taking accutane, but so far, im so happy i did .. and to think its only going to get better (assuming it will lol) is a great thought.


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i cant believe how fast time is going by! already a month! hopefully accutane will be over before we know it and we'll have the nicest skin around lol. good luck starting the 40mg! :- and ya, shopping = too many mirrors for me to handle right now! lol

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Hey! I'm starting month 3, just got upped to 80 a day, woo! Got 2 actives right now and lots of red marks, ugh.

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