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day 108 on DKR



left cheek=

wel no clogged pore by my cyst thingy seems to have gone now which is great!

cyst under the skin thingy the same...

fading marks

only 1 tiny clogged pore which will probaby go soon.

did bp regimen as usual except on cyst thingy as that area prefers emu oil

dont think ill need aha on this cheek beacasue marks are fading

though when under the surface cyst thingy come up i might start spot treating it with aha.

right cheek=

2 clogged pores seems to be going away, though not completely.

i new tiny red spot at the side of the cheek which may go soon as ive spot treated with aha.

fading marks.

i took a break from aha today and might do it after every 2 days now.


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