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Day 22. Inflammation shot today



Day 22.

40mg Claravis (Accutane)

I went to the derm today because of that HUGE cyst I have. I was hoping to get a cortisone shot. but instead i got an inflammation shot on my hip. let me tell you.. most akward thing ever... haha; i thought i was going to just get poked on my hip. nope.. i had to bend over and she pulled my pants down! uhmm.. haha; well anyways the nurse said that it will help with the redness and inflammation on my face. so i'm hoping it will help with my flare ups on my face right now. but MOST IMPORTANTLY the Cysts that have joined together. he also told me to only take it everyother day (accutane) and on the other days to take clindamycin i'm hoping that's to help with the IB. I go back next friday for my monthly appointment, today was just one of those 'emergency freak out look at my face it's bad!' appointments. lol.

other than that my face is getting better! my forhead has NO actives. and my right cheek has a few but their for the most part getting flatter. My lips are much dryer! and the corners are DRY DRY DRY. blackheads are still purging themselves out and horrible back pains. Semi dry skin nothing HORRIBLE just in certain spots and it's like dry spots you get in the winter time.


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