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First Post Ever; Here's Where I'm at.



Well here's my first acne.org blog entry. I have spent so much time perusing the forums on this site that I became inspired to begin tracking my own skin-health journey. My skin is a constant focus of mine. I sometimes think about the way I thought about my skin and my health when I was a teen and I flinch at the lack of knowledge that hindered me. Since my battle with acne began as an early teen I've done proactive, every over the counter product you can name, and several natural skin care lines as well. My skin has mildly improved through each experience but has always seemed to revert back to its original state of moderate to sometimes severe acne.

Diet is a HUGE factor in the way my skin and body behaves. It's such an influential factor that I have dedicated myself to perfecting my diet in as many ways as possible. For me, a vegan, raw food diet is paramount. I can't speak highly enough about how dramatic the changes are when you eat a raw food diet high in greens. It's life changing. It's also not an easy transition and I'd be lying if I said I was completely raw and vegan. I'm getting there and I'm slowly weaning myself off of all dairy and eggs (already off meat). I've gone through periods of complete raw veganism and during the times I held up my diet I was completely transformed. During these times my skin has cleared completely and all my scars have dissappeared. My energy has increased beyond belief and all my depression and anxiety have diminished. This being said I have found it to be a commitment that takes work to solidify in my life, and I have compassion for everyone who is looking to change their lives but having challenges in doing so.

My skin reflects my diet, my stress levels, and my hormone balance. For me, these are the "big three" and they are all tied together and relient on eachother. Being hormonally balanced for me depends on my diet and my stress levels, my stress levels depend on my diet and hormone levels, and my diet depends on my stress and hormone levels. So there you go! They are all one in the same for me. When they are all in balance and working well together I am the picture of health and my SKIN is a lovely sight to behold. Which I do not take for granted due to the substantial and painfully embarrassing skin problems I have encountered in my life.

Right now my skin is at a so-so place. I have several difficult jawline breakouts (Hello HORMONES) that have been plaguing me for a while. I attribute them mainly to my diet which has not been completely perfect for the past several months, the fact that I am moving out of state (STRESS) and the fact that due to both of these factors my hormonal imbalances are exacerbated. I am working to improve my diet and to alter my stress levels and am exercising regularly to speed both my metabolism and my cell renewal rate.

To finish up my first post I'd just like to say that I have so much compassion for this community and for everyone suffering from acne. Acne is debilitating, embarassing, and creates a cycle of anxiety and depression when it gets really bad. I am on a mission to reverse the cycle and clarify my skin. Hopefully in the process I can share some of my success with others and also gain insight from those of you who are reaching your own skin-health goals. Much love (and hope) to you all.


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