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Its not an all or nothing thing



I think when people try to stop picking, it's an all or nothing thing. They think that you have to go all day without picking one single spot for it to count as a sucsessful day. But I don't think thats how it is. Just like with smoking. Some people find it easier to go cold turkey, for others they have to wean themselves off of it. Some people have to wean themselves off of picking. Perhaps picking a few less spots a day. Or for me, I'm not even keeping track, I'm just making sure that I'm aware of myself and my actions all day. If I happen to pick something because I can't stop myself, it's still better than letting myself habitually pick all the time. I've been forgiving myself for picking sometimes because I know that I am trying not to most of the time. Everyday the red marks on my face are fading even though I still pick at it a little. Baby steps are all it takes to make a huge difference. The healing is less apparent on my arms, but the coconut oil seems to be speeding the process up there. Probably more the action of keeping my skin in the optimal, moist environment for healing, than any magical properties in the oil. The better I see my skin looking, the more determined I am to stay on track. They say that's how it is with dieting. Why most diets fail is because losing weight takes more time than most people have motivation to keep going. If you only have a little patience to wait for results, than your motivation will have something to feed off of. Fortunatly for me, skin heals faster than I lose weight. And if there's one thing that eases my stress more than picking, it's food. Funny thing is, I never used to be that way. I used to eat less when stressed out because my stomach would hurt too much to eat. I had more stress back then. Probably because the stress I have today is more low grade than it used to be. No stomach pain means I can eat. And oh do I eat when I'm in a tizzy. Good thing I'm not having hissy fits most of the time or I'd have alot more than 150 lbs on my 5'1" frame. Well weight isn't really the issue I'm tackling right now, although it's a worthy cause when I manage to conquer picking. Why do people always choose the worst routes to easing stress? Why is picking and eating bad easier than exercizing and healthful hobbies? I guess it's easier to be bad. Well, I was good today. I went to a local wildlife reserve today and walked a bit and brought my butterfly net along since I'm trying to collect butterflies for an art project of mine. I tackled art and exercise all at once! Hows that for kick ass?!...but I did get a corndog and cheesburger right beforehand....well you can't excersize on an empty stomach now can you?!?


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