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Okay I know I'm sorry :) please please please forgive me... It's been such a hectic week. I have had many assignments due and I was so worried that it would cause me to break ouuuutttt but it has been quite the opposite actually since we last spoke/talked/blogammunicated I have only had one pimple and it is on my hair line and is not even visible. YAY!!! :(;)

FINALLY!!! now all I have to do is hope that this is it and wait.

Ummm the emu oil seems to be working well... it doesn't make my skin oily in fact quite the opposite... i can feel my skin tightening... and I wake up in the morning to less visible scars... it is making me soo sooo soo HAPPY!!!

I have been having some friends drama as well this week.... people who weren't okay with me having some me time whilst I got through the worst of this medication... and yet they want to be friends now... Somehow I do not think that is going to happen... ;) <--- attempt at an optimistic smile....

But other than that everything is still the same... dry ass skin, dry ass lips, dry ass hair, I also seem to have a larger appetite >< so I have to go that extra mile in bball training so as not to put on wait...

My derm appointment was shockingly amusing. My blood test came up fine, and my cholesterol was good... which was weird considering I have always had high cholesterol in the past... and Tane is supposed to raise it. She renewed my script... for the last four months! whilst making a joke about protesting against my uni bar who will not let me in because I am underage!!! well atleast I have a derm with a sense of humour! I had another complaint that I kept skipping my period... I have only had it once during my three months on the medication... and then only for a day... but she had no answers she said that it was probably just my age which I do not completely agree with.

Thats all for now I am running a little late for uni >< ciao :(


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