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Day Fifty-One!!!



As of today I have been on the regimen for more than half a hundred days! Today is school picture day (I have to go in an hour) and I am NOT looking forward to it. I have a bright red pimple without a head on my cheek and another on my forehead. There is another on my nose with a head, just leering at me. Yay.... I'm surprised I don't have more since my cold got really bad last night and I used a lot of tissues on my nose. My cold is so much better today though! I'm debating on what color of shirt to wear for the picture. Is there a certain color that makes pimples POP (did you catch that pun? hahaha) or makes them less noticeable? Help is really appreciated!!!!

I have been using AHA as a nightly moisturizer for two nights now with no sting (except for last night on my raw nose) and I haven't seen any results. There are a few less flakes, yes. But the places that needed exfoliation haven't changed at all. I just have to remind myself to stay patient.

Wish me luck on my picture!!


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