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Hi! I'm John, 18 years old, half Palestinian, half Irish, half oily, half red. This blog will (hopefully) motivate me with my search for perfect skin and (hopefully) entertain you.

Skincare/Makeup is my passion...I can't live without either. I am not exaggerating when I say that I definitely research skin problems/solutions for at least four hours every day. Unfortunately, I've made my face my own laboratory over the past few years...it's absorbed it's fair share of chemicals. You see, I am convinced that with enough effort, and money, I can achieve absolutely flawless skin. A high expectation...but it's a goal. Everyone should have one, so I've heard.

My dream skin: Completely matte, completely clear, completely pale.

My current skin conditions: Oily skin. Acne. Light, diffused redness.

My oily skin--partly genetic, partly due to the fact that I've severely abused my skin.

My acne--partly genetic, mostly due to the fact that I have to shave my facial hair.

My redness--almost entirely due to the stress I put my skin under. Partly because I'm somewhat pale for a half-Palestinian.

My theoretical solutions:

Oily skin--either an anti-androgen (topical spiro is one option, systemic DHT inhibitors another...etc.) or, reluctantly, Accutane. I cannot wear foundation for more than an hour at this time and that is really frustrating as I love painting my face.

My acne--I will be beginning laser facial hair removal very soon, I hope. I have a free consultation tomorrow night. I'm very confused/nervous as to how the Retin-A Micro and the laser will interact. I also hope to substitute blue light therapy for benzoyl peroxide. I'm trying to limit the number of topicals I use. I suppose Accutane would also help my acne.

My redness--After my laser hair removal, I would continue down the laser route with either IPL or PDL therapy to reduce the redness.

I'm debating whether or not to post pictures on this blog...but I think it would help motivate me if I could see my progress.

Let the improvement begin! (please!)


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