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I didn't wash my face today.



Well, at least in the morning. I noticed throughout the day- my skin didn't get as oily. My blackheads looked less oily, and kind of smaller? The ones on my nose anyway. I did get shiny, but it wasn't too bad. Hm, strange. I didn't put on sunscreen, lotion, or BP at all. Usually my skin looks good in the morning, not dirty or oily at all. But when I wash it, I get all red and all the lotion & BP is washed out, showing my raw flesh. My acne looks more red. Perhaps it is because over the night, after my lotion & BP has sunk into my skin, my skin creates these natural oils, and stripping them with my cleanser, makes my skin look all ugly? Even in the sun, my skin didn't seem that bad! Hmm. It's interesting.. should I not wash my face tomorrow either?

I don't know if I want to not wash my face as an experiment or not.. I'm getting spots in my forehead because I stopped putting BP there, but I hope they're just from PMS. I stopped putting BP on my forehead because I have wrinkles there.. :/ Anyway, I skipped two days of BP, and I'm getting spots all over. lol. I restarted a couple days ago. Anyway, my . is coming soon, so I think I'm breaking out because of that. I always used to get big zits, but now I'm just getting spots. I guess this is better than eye catching zits. Or maybe because my hormones are going wack because I feel a bit.. horny? Lmao, I think it's the PMS but anyways.. I think that would explain my sudden outbreak of chin zits. I seriously need to like control these bastards with like, double the BP or something. There were ton of flat red spots a week ago.. and several of them started to come up as little red pimples. Arrghh. Maybe it's karma for staring of that girl with severe acne on her chin. I'm a meanie, I know. ;(

After my shower, I usually shower during the late afternoon, or early evening, but I took one tonight, and I washed my face in the shower with my Purpose cleanser. Let's see, I gently squeezed three blackheads out. Yay. Applied witchhazel, and this mix of Dual Moisturizer & Cetaphil lotion because it was in the medicine cabinet. Applied my BP. Going to sleep early tonight.. hopefully. I've been reading manga (LOLgeek), and it's kept me up at night. Okay, night night =)


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