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I have somewhat relieved the itching in my scalp



Last night I could not sleep AT ALL because of the itching in my scalp. I woke up and went to my parents bathroom like at 12am or 1 am, and grabbed a bottle of conditioner (trying not to wake them up) , because I did not had in my bathroom and I put a huge amount in my hair, the itching keep going and my mother who is an angel came to my room and asked me what was wrong and told me to pour some Witch hazel in my hair, in my country it is known as Wonder Water (Maravilla Lotion from Humphreys) . The itching soon stooped and I could sleep. I put some of that in a spray container, and I will use it tonight, because the itching started again and I want to get a good night sleep.

I have not tried medicated shampoo yet, even though I have one around just for this problem but I will try it when my hair gets oily, now it is still dry.

I started my two new packs today (40mg and 10mg). My face looks clearer but a couple of small white heads appeared bellow my lips.

My lips were getting dry constantly during the day at work and I had to use aquaphor to hydrate them.

That is about it.

I hope my face gets better at the end of this week. :)


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