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day 104 on DKR



Wel ive noticed if i dont apply bp i get spots in those areas even if i didnt break out there before..

anyways skin same as yesterday but im not feeling too good about it, it seems like it wont last long...

left cheek=under the surfae cyst thingy getting on my nerves i just want it out or gone tbh!

one tiny spot where i wasnt applying bp right a tthe end of my cheek, like 1 inch away from my ear. but its not noticble.

applied bp all over. then spot treated cyst thingy with a little amount of AHA hopefully thatl help. ive got a tinnnyyy little dit like a needle prick just by that cyst thingy that looks like itl turn into something which is why im applying bp there and aha. ive decided to apply bp and aha there everynight and use emu oil there in morning. ( though it does depend whether or not itll get irritated.

right cheek= clear, 2 blocked pores which im leaving theyll come out them selves hopefully. fading red marks. applied bp and aha all over on this cheek.

please i really dont want to break out its my n my gf 2 year anniversery in like 2 days so i dont want to break out!!..

pretty pleaseeee.

i want clear skin so baaaaaaaddd. its better though still but i hope it doesnt turn nasty on me..


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