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Day 25



Day 25 .. nothing new particularly.. still breaking out, not overly bad, just the usual big inflamed papules/pustules.. around 4 ishh. Its been way worse, so i shouldnt be complaining too much. Just annoying i know im going to have marks there for up to a month.

Being upped to 40mg in just over 1 week, cant wait. See how you like me then acne lol

side effects are the same, dry lips and slight lower back pain, slightly flaky skin in areas. so nothing bad.

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nice to see your side effects aren't too bad! anyways since ive started 40mg i think my skin has gotten worse. i have no pimples or anything, but a lot of little dry spots all over my face that kinda seem like excema, and theyre red. Also my 2 cysts that i have are bigger..which is a real downer, and im really flaky in any dry areas. so i didnt break out more, my actual skins condition went down the drain lol. hopefully when youre upped to 40 it goes well for you!

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