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11 days later....



ok so, ive been using dans regimen for 11 days now. I have also gone from taking 50 mg/day of Spiro for one week, and am now taking 100 mg/day.

I havent seen much improvement. The spiro, I imagine, or perhaps a combo of it along with BP and jojoba oil has decreased my oil production immensely. The spiro doesn't make me feel weird or anything either like i have read it does with others.

MAYBE Im having the second week breakout as it says in "what to expect" but im not sure. I have a lot of closed comedones under the skin on my chin, which, when irritated, become inflamed and eventually turn into big nasty white heads. I think what is happening now, is the BP is bringing everything up and one by one or three by three (however those little shits decide to pop out). I am hoping this is the case, and that eventually they will all pop out and go away! haha I do think that the regimen is helping everything heal a bit faster, however, it could also be due to the spiro cutting my oil production. It has lessened the breakouts on my back and chest, but they still flare up every other day or so. Its hard to say at this point if it is working for me. Ok.... I will keep going, and update in a few days.


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