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No more BP for me.



I have recently broke out in large painful acne, and one or two cysts under my jaw that are really something to talk about...

I researched the issue, to no avail. I am on a complete trial and error regimen now, and this site is really a good tool for that. I have recently looked into the "do nothing" method, and this is why.

When I was about 17 or so, I started wanting to wash my face. I NEVER ever washed my face, that I can remember. My sister has had terrible acne since she was around 11, but I never did, until I decided to use her Proactiv, her neutrogena, her whatever was on the sink. I remember actually just using soap, sometimes, in the shower before all that and I never broke out. I would get a pimple every now and then, like most girls do, but not like this.

Last night, I washed my face with some Jojoba Oil, rinsed it off with steam and washcloth (gently) and then applied a thin layer with a cotton ball. Then I grab another cotton ball and put one to two drops of Jojoba Oil and 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil (both Jason brand oils) and I dab it along my jawline.

I felt clean, but not over dry or over oily. I woke up this morning and found that my active breakouts were dried/drying up, and as of right now, I only have one active pimple on my whole face. I will post pics to show before and after results. After one application, I am already noticing the difference in my face. I think due to my obsessive nature with fixing things, will never be able to just "do nohting" but compared to what I have been putting my face through over the years, this may as well be nothing.

I also started taking a Probiotic last night, and discontinued Fish Oil because I broke out in the cysts, I'm going to see if fish oil is why. I didn't wake up to ANY new zits this morning, but I have a feeling that coming off of the BP after a few weeks my skin will retaliate soon. I'm not expecting clear skin right away, but I am anxiously awaiting to see what happens in a few days of this. and to top it all off? It's MONDO cheaper, quicker, less irritating, smells odd... and I just down right feel good about doing it. Plus, as an extra added bonus, with steam on my face, my clogged pores are becoming unclogged, as opposed to just sitting in there looking yellow and staring at people. Who knows, I may post tomorrow that this is the worst thing in the world, and cry for help and that I was stupid for doing this, but tomorrow is so far away, I'll think about tomorrow when the time comes.... :)

I just have to say that after I washed my face this morning, it felt amazing. I notice that my pores are purging now, and I can't touch my face without what looks like spaghetti coming out of it. (ew.) I'm going to take that as a really good thing. I have a more natural glow now, not a slick shine masked with some Jojoba oil, and my active acne that I had has dried up immensely. I notice that it is dry though, and I can imagine it's a combo of not finding the right mix of Tea tree oil and coming off of BP without using moisturizer. I had the "matching" inflammations next to my mouth, and the one on the right side was already clear, but the one on my left side was still kicking. Just 10 minutes ago I looked in the mirror, and it was litterally hanging off my face (another big ew.) so I grabbed the tweezers, and away it went. It literally erased my pimple. that was a HUGE issue, as it was right there, and now it's gone. Whether it's the Probiotics, going off of Fish oil, or the tea tree oil, zinc, what have you, I am noticing changes that didn't happen with the BP and I am happy I decided to find a safer and less irritating alternative. I also think this is day 5 or so with no makeup? give or take a day i think.


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