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Week 11 and 12- sorry for the delay!



Hi everyone,

Its been a couple of weeks since I was last here - so Im sorry, but here is my update from the past couple of weeks :)

So if you've been following since the start you'll know obviously my skin is loads better, so Ive kind of gone a bit experimental over the past couple of weeks to see if Lumie has made a semi permenant change- so Ive just used Lumie about 3 times a week for 15 minutes- and I have to say last week my skin stayed very clear- couple of tiny things but not even worth mentioning really- and then this week I have had a couple more- one real big one :( !! To be fair even the real big one isnt like they were before. And its funny, they dont last as long and they arent generally so angry. Ive also beeen majorley stressed, tired and generally hormonal too this week, so actually I think the small outbreak this week may have something to do with that.

All in all I think Lumie has made a massive improvement over and above the usual creams, pills, potions and lotions I have tried before. Whilst its not made my skin perfect like Gisele or Heidi Klum's its exceeded my expectations-mainly becasue its so unintrusive and gentle- creams and things used to over dry my skin and make it sorer- lumie not only seems to prevent more forming it also seems to speed the healing process.

Im certainly goning to stick to topping up with Lumie whenever I have an outbreak- and if it looks like my skin is returning to its old bad habits I will be going back to the full regime pronto!

Its actually the end of my trial period :( but ill let you guys know of any changes or major results that I think you will want to hear about over the next few months anyway! Its time to see if this is working for anyone else out there.

Let me know how you guys are getting on too- Ive only heard positives so far- but anyone not seeing the results they want?

Im still only wearing tinted moisturiser by the way! Its so lovely to not be caked in makeup and have the confidence to do it!

Good luck to everyone else out there battling with their skin, I really hope Lumie works for you guys too.

Take care!!



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