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So I am not quite at the 13 week mark and won't be there until Monday but I do have an update I would like to share with you. ;)

Today I saw a friend who I haven't seen in weeks and she said my skin is much clearer :)

I guess when you see yourself everyday you don't notice the little changes and continue to see the flaws and never the improvements so thats a plus ;)

I decided to change my skin care regime and decided to update you guys on that. I went to the chemist and bought simple gentle cleanser and the matching deep moisturizer for morning use. I bought moisturizing body wash with a watermelon and guava scent (yum!) and matching moisturizer, and I also bought some Johnsons baby shampoo hoping that it would help my terribly dry hair. I also searched high and low for the 100% emu oil that has been recommended previously by other tane "survivors" as I heard it worked well on scars and helped reduced the dryness. The ones I found were tiny little bottles and very expensive, so I had just about given up when I found and Emu oil and vitamin E moisturizing cream in the supermarket oil for only $2 and it was quite big! So I bought that to add to my night time regime. All in all I spent $35 on skin care products today which wasn't too bad considering I used to pay $70 for the proactiv. :(

Okay on to the most important thing... my skin! I have two on my chin at the moment but they are the only active ones... the rest are scars... I picked the skin of the left side of my nose this week and I am left with this icky red mark that leaks a clear substance and it is really gross... the insides of my nose are really dry and I have to stick paw paw up it atleast three times a day... with regular moisturizing my lips are becoming bearable. The dry skin rash that I came up with early on in the week has been alot better since I have been applying sorbelene to the dry areas nightly.

So all in all... the usual that tane battlers go through.

Off to take my tablets yall :(


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