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After 6 months...



I'm breaking out again. It's been pretty sudden, actually: I've noticed my skin getting worse in the past few months, but it's been breaking out more and more (daily) for the past week or so. After Accutane my skin was nowhere near perfect - the scarring and hyperpigmentation is still going strong and I'd get smaller zits or clogged pores pretty regularly - but I was comfortable with it and could rely on it not to go crazy.

I started getting concerned about my skin going to crap again in June, which is when my family was supposed to renew their health insurance. To save a couple bucks, they did not. This means I will either have to pay for everything out of pocket or wait ten months and then some to get coverage again. I'm thinking of applying for individual insurance, but I think they're either reject my application or refuse to cover the costs of Accutane because I would clearly be getting on insurance to acquire that.

I'm at a loss. Again. I know my skin is very different from how it was when I started my course: it's very much thinner, it's very fragile, and it scars ten times more easily. Those tiny zits I mentioned earlier used to disappear without a trace, but even the smallest leave behind red marks. I can't imagine how terrible my skin is going to look once the breakouts come out in full force: which I completely expect, especially at the rate my face is getting worse.

The entire thing is really stressful. I can't afford to do this again, but I'm not about to let my skin go to crap again. I really wish I still had insurance because then this would be a minor concern. What's ironic is that the rest of my family recently also developed health programs, so I'm doubly angry about them canceling insurance entirely. Way to go.

Bleh. I look really awful.


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