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I have been looking around different blogs on this site, and it has struck me that most of these blogs are about accutane.

I would think that most of you all know what accutane is, so i'm going to skip the explaining part.

A while back, i thought to myself that " maybe accutane was my only option if i wanted clear skin ". and looking back, i'm glad i didn't pursue the road of accutane.

In my own opinion ( and i'm not saying anything wrong about those who use this product), accutane would be the last thing in my mind. The idea of not knowing if anything bad would happen, or even using a shit load of money on something that can potentialy harm or even kill you, is just a scary thought.

I'm happy for all of you people that have cleared up using accutane, but that is just not a road for me to follow.

But even if i wanted to start on it, i couldn't afford it.

Just a "normal " teenager, without money ..

well whatever, just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys

iloveyouall :)


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