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day 65



Things are not good, im giving up hope, its day 65 and I still feel like a monster, can you guys give me some encouragement?

When will this work? When will I look normal?

fuck fuck fuck my life.


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Awww, don't worry, it takes some people longer than others, and my doctor told me she doesn't expect to see results until after the thrd month. I bet everything is going to turn around really quick. I'm still breaking out and will start my third month next week, so, I'm right there with ya.

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Hey I hope you are right. My doctor said the third month I should be like Oh my God, but so far nothing. I'm just getting fed up because school is starting next week and I convinced myself I would be clear by then, now I know its not true. Anyway, I hope we both get clear sooner then later! Thanks for responding to my post, it makes me feel better to know I am not alone and the medicine hasnt worked for either of us yet. Let me know when you get clear and I'll do the same. Thanks again for writing. :-

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