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Day 146



Still improving. I get a random bump or two here and there on my cheeks of course, but my tzone is clear. I really want a facial extraction to just get all the small little bumps over with, but I think my skin is too sensitive right now.

I started practice last week for cross country and I've noticed I SWEAT EXCESSIVELY now. It's ridiculous.. I have no idea if it's linked to accutane or if it's because I haven't ran this hard. Hopefully the exercise contributes to my improvement.

I am dealing with the side effects way better now that I am a pro accutane expert haha. Before when I was on 60mg, I was a mess. My skin would flake, my lips would chap and tear, my joints/back were aching, and etc. But now my body is adapting and I am used to it. I am really good about moisturizing about three times a day, applying chap stick religiously, and drinking lots of water.

Hopefully next time I update I'll be done with the bumps!


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