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Pheww finally up to date and i can now be my witty, sarcastic self :(

So this week after looking back on previous entries I have to admit that things are definitely starting to look up... I am not out of the woods yet but I have definitely found a map... and that most beloved yellow brick road to follow.

I have one active pimple left on the left side of my face... and the rest of the scars are now a dull pink which is alot more appealing than the dull red that i had... my forehead and nose are completely clear... but i do not want to jinx myself... my left side is clear... there is no active ones but there is a fair few scars... my chin has been the one playing up this week I have had three minor ones so far... and I wake up to a new one everyday...

I have recently been using sorbelene at night because the dryness has gotten that bad... I have a shower... and sorbelene every single part of my body... it feels oily and gross but it gets the job done... as for the emu oil I have decided to try it and I will buy some this weekend after I get paid and let you know if it works.

I started playing basketball this week (i know I know no contact sport) and I have training tomorrow so that should be interesting... I don't know i just feel like playing takes my mind off my skin which is def. worth the pain afterwards...

I went for a blood test yesterday because I have a follow up appointment next monday at 8.45 in the morning! *seriously who schedules these things* :( The blood test lady was highly antisocial and way ancient... I tried to make conversation as she stuck the needle in and withdrew what felt like half the blood in my body and she kept flipping me off... *sheessshhh rude much?*

I woke up at 3 o'clock last night and realised that i had forgotten to take my tablets for that night and I started having a panic attack... I got up to take them... and realised just how dependent on the Tane I have become... has anyone else experienced this?

Ta Ta for now :)


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