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Skinwise I have absolutely nothing to report... no improvements anywhere and everything is still active :) ...

I love my job because it entails working one on one with a three year old who does not know the difference between clear skin and bad skin... i think if i had a normal job these past weeks there is no way i would have been able to show my face... but as it is i have the perfect job where we go to the park and she is more than happy to sit in a quiet secluded spot near the lake and feed the ducks while I hide away from the world...

I usually help out at this thing called discovery on Wednesday nights for my church where we play games with primary school aged kids and teach them about God. That was until I met this one unyielding girl who not really meaning to made my life hell... i mean working with kids i expect to get the usual question about my skin... and once i give them an answer they usually never ask again... this one girl... asks me in front of everyone... and when i gave her an answer... and then attempted to change the subject she wasnt satisfied and went back to it... and for weeks after that she kept asking until eventually i stopped going all together...

I also temporarily quit choir because I just don't have the confidence to stand up there with my skin in its current state. I had a heart to heart with the music director who used to be my high school teacher and after understanding my predicament he said he would welcome me back with open arms the minute I felt comfortable again...

Thanks heavens for understanding people...


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