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boosted up to 60mg today and I am really anxious to see whether it cause more damage or actually is the start of something new (pause while i break off into high school music song and dance)...

The ones on my left cheek are finally fading but they are still visible all the same...

I got two new big ones on my left hand side which are really pussy and I just couldnt resist squeezing the hell out of them... and now they are just big scabs >< big noticeable scabs...

Temple on the left is healing nicely still mightily red though... and then right side is breaking out...

*rolls eyes* gee lets just take turns why don't we :) ...

I was sitting on the train this morning and was watching this girl put on her make-up because she was obviously running late for something... she had perfect skin and no need for make up... which was the first thing that made me angry... but then i got annoyed because if i was to look into that little hand made mirror she had i would probably cry at my reflection... i hate trains... because you can't escape peoples gazes... and all of there eyes are more often than not on my skin...

my lips are killing me... i have too for want of a better word wads of hard dry skin on either corner of my mouth that makes it hurt when i smile or eat or do anything with my mouth... i tried to get rid of them the other day and just made everything bleed... i feel like the Joker... poor heath ledger...

I have been putting heavy moisturizer on over night... so instead of flaky skin I now have this huge pieces of skin just waiting to be pulled of but ... BEWARE if you pull it before it is ready... you will BLEED!!!! or have huge red patches all over your face...


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