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Two big things happened to me this week:

1) I feel at ice skating... and all the tops of the pimples on my left hand side and also the surrounding skin came off when I fell and hit the ice and began bleeding profusely... it was highly embarrasing and I hid my face for the rest of the night... there goes my hoped for smile..

and 2) I started uni this week which wasn't as bad as I thought because there were no tutorials until next week just lectures which meant I didnt have to do any class introductions... and i could just sit up the back of the room ... walk in late... leave early and try to draw as little attention to myself as possible...

still avoiding that sun and still avoiding the mirrors...

i now just have a huge mess on the side of my face from where i fell... and the rest... its pretty much like my skin has been frozen in time... but I am still breaking out... the plus side is the one on my forehead which would no budge has finally gone down and now I just have a read mark... which boost my confidence. .0001% as when i am talking to someone there is not something right in between the eyes saying "HELLO! LOOK LOOK LOOK AT ME!!!!" yeah so thank goodness for that right?

The skin around the sides of my mouth is getting really really dry and my lips are getting drier than i thought was possible... ready for this to end.

Trying to stay positive... trying and failing... i feel like giving up


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