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Much to my despair the mirror has not produced any change... the ones on my left side are beginning to heal... but they are still red and noticeable...

I actually feel optimistic this week... but like another blogger said... that is what makes tane a rollercoaster journey, one week up the other week down and so on...

I have bravely planned an ice skating trip for the end of the week to see some friends since I have been stuck in isolation since like forever... I am getting really irritated with some friends who do not understand that I just want to be left alone...

Uh oh I hear a deep and meaningful coming along... skip it if you don't really care I won't get offended promise :) .

People my family especially skirt around my whole skin problem... and when they try to address it they point out the latest spot which really gets me down... so avoiding the whole bad skin thing... my parents told people that i was taking medication to help with the cysts in my ovaries which is semi true I am taking medication for that but I am taking Tane also...

people are all up to date with the side affects so they have been informed that i wont be around...

you would think they get it... instead i get the whole "where have you been? havent seen you in ages" i know some people see it as caring... but my close friends already know where I have been so they don't even ask...

So bring on ice skating and hopefully a smile on my face...


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